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A Second Look at New York City's Rhythm & Blues


By Phil Groia


Review first published: 01.01.1999

Not a CD review as is the norm, but of a fantastic book on Vocal Group Harmony!

Please pass this on to others not on my mailing list. This book is a MUST read!!

Hello to all my viewers. Again I am deviating from my normal reviews to bring you information on this SUPERB book on 50's Vocal Group Harmony.

I recently ordered my fourth copy of this book. I have read it numerous times. I quite often use it for reference when programming our radio show. Not only have I read the book over and over, but as I said this copy is my fourth. I have given the others to friends to read over the years.

Phil Groia takes you onto the street corners, subway stations, church basements, hallways of apartment buildings. You feel you are among these talented young men as they practice their art of Harmony.

Read and thrill to the histories of the formations of such groups as the Harptones, Cadillacs, Willows, Swallows, Valentines and many, many others. From the streets of Manhattan's Harlem to the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens. You become mesmerized as the narrative unfolds.

Maybe! A little poetic license was taken by the author, but it does nothing but enhance the flow of this great book.

Facts taken from interviews of such talented performers as Willie Winfield of the Harptones, Earl "Speedo" Carroll of the Cadillacs, Richard Barrett of the Valentines and numerous others.

This book is a must have and read for any Vocal Group Harmony collector or lover. This book will nothing but bring you more appreciation of the True American Art Form.

Needless to say I highly recommend this book to one and all.

I have recently spoke to Phil Groia on the phone. I asked what the availability of the book was. He told me that he was debating whether or not to have the book repressed. It was originally printed in 1983 and and had it's fourth pressing in 1995. I told Phil that it would be a shame if the opportunity to read this book fell by the wayside.

With the advent of the net I have taken it upon myself to let those of you unfamiliar with this book become aware of it. I don't think you will be disappointed one iota in it's content.

If you order the book directly from the Publisher and mention reading this review on line, you can probably get Phil to autograph your copy.

Ordering info follows below:

Ordering Info:

Send check or money order for $22.00 (includes postage & handling)


Phillie Dee Enterprises, Inc

515-12 High Street

Port Jefferson, New York 11777

Don't forget to mention reading this review. Allow 4 weeks for delivery.

In Harmony:

Bruce (DooWop DJ)